PLG Open Discussion: notes from 610

October 24, 2018



  • There should be a requirement to learn about homeless populations in LIS curriculum

  • Outreach & partnerships with qualified professionals (like social workers)

  • People like the ideas of hiring social workers for libraries (what about a joint social work/LIS masters program/degree?) ⇐ There are at least 2 universities that do actually have a dual degree, MSW and MLIS

  • Everyone likes the idea of hands-on experience while in LIS programs

  • Requirements in LIS curricula? How is it related to the digital divide? Big social questions related to information vs. technical requirements

  • Everyone likes that 610 looks at social issues (it’s “nourishing”)

  • Can more courses combine what they cover?

    • 601 combined with databases

    • Digital instruction combined with something else… etc.

  • Do classes NEED to be 5-7:30PM? It’d be better if it was an hour or two earlier or later

  • We need more discussion-based classes - it keeps us thinking and engaged

    • EVERYONE agrees on this

    • Gives us time to process and get new ideas, broaden our perspectives

    • Improves our thinking

    • Move from “sage on a stage” to coaching & “a good teacher is always in the middle but never in the way”

    • Someone said they wish the coffee talks were a class :) ⇐ Holiday agrees!

    • Everyone likes 691 because it’s sort of conversational and covers things that we don’t need a whole class on but works perfectly for a workshop format

  • The program is great but there is a lot that can be improved on

  • A lot of classes “exist” in our program but are not always offered

  • More critical theory too

  • Asking people in the field what they need in their employees in 5 years to figure out what skills are valuable in this program (such as instructing, ability to improvise, think on your feet) - they might already do something like this?

  • Soft skills should be prioritized

  • We should apply aspects of social justice to every course - there might already be an SLO that addresses it (and maybe offer a focused class for those who wish to learn about it in more depth) - there is a tie-in with discussion and social justice questions

  • How can we get people involved in the student groups? Some people think offering a credit would be enticing and others don’t

    • We should all be working together to same time and energy

    • One student thinks maybe a senate? One rep from each student org

    • They want to know exactly what would be the time commitment, responsibilities, etc. (maybe we can post this on the board and email it out?)

    • People don’t know/understand/remember what all the clubs are - at orientation it’s overwhelming - they want blurbs again about each group (they recommend putting it on the fridge)

    • What about virtual meetings? On Discord

    • Make the book clubs or coffee talks like a podcast so people could listen to it later

  • PLG meeting (conference call) with main group first Saturday of every month

  • November 30 at 1 PM is next faculty meeting

  • Topics we didn’t cover in coffee talks but would want to:

    • Sci Hub

    • Surveillance

    • Privacy

    • Grant writing (maybe more like a workshop)

    • Or other workshops

    • The ethics of publication (how only the publishers are getting the $, not the writers or editors)

    • The elitism/barrier to entry of requiring an MLISc/MLS degree

    • How universities evaluate scholarship (related to open access - like requiring faculty to edit or be published for promotion)

  • Everyone can always email us any ideas they have! :) or

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